Water Leaking Into Basement Who To Call

Have you recently discovered water down in your basement? Are you unsure where it might have come from? Worse still, are you not sure who you should wind up calling for help? Do you call a plumber? Or do you call in a foundation repair expert? This is a mystery, but it is one that you can solve. The answer to these questions likes in the clues provided by asking a few more simple questions.

Where Exactly Is This Water Locate?

Some of the time, this is going to be a very easy diagnosis. For instance, if the water is right in the middle of the floor and you have a broken pipe overhead, then you call in a plumber. Alternatively, if you have a puddle close to the edge of your floor, like where it meets a wall, and there aren’t any obvious drains, pipes, water heaters, sump pumps, washing machines, or other appliances nearby, then you more than likely have a foundation issue.

There are going to be times that discerning the origin of any water gets a little more complicated. Still, just a few more questions and their answers can bring you closer to discovering the truth.

Just How Much Water Is There? How Long Did Things Take To Actually Get There?

If you see a lot of water and it happened overnight or even in just a few hours, then more than likely you have a plumbing issue. There is one exception you should note, which is when a small leak, often at a joint, travels down the exterior of a pipe, which can leave a puddle nearly anyplace. Always look up over you to see if you have water pipes up above the puddles. If you see one or more, and they’re moist, then your mystery is solved. Read more if basement leaks in heavy rain.

Water from foundation leaks typically seeps in at points along the flooring edges. It might even seep in through any cracks in the walls or floor itself. However, the crucial word here is that of ‘seep’, as in a little bit of water coming in over longer stretches of time, such as days or even weeks.

What Is The Water Quality?

In regards to this, it’s not about drinking quality, but more like what does it look like or smell like? It is odorless and clear in color? Or is it smelly and murky? Water which comes into a basement because of a foundation leak will almost always be clean and clean given how it is groundwater that got filtered through the soil before it started seeping into the basement. Do note that water which stems from a plumbing issue might also be clean, like when it comes from a leaking joint or broken interior pipe. However, if that water is dirty

What Was Occurring At The Time The Leak Started?

In many cases, you’ll find clues to your problem in the very circumstances that were surrounding it when it first happened. For example:

Did this leak occur immediately following a heavy rain? Perhaps while the surrounding ground happened to still be frozen? Have you noticed your basement having been humid for some time? Has there been a moldy or musty smell? Do you have water condensation on any of your windows or their frames? Does water seep in at the corners of the windows? This can all indicate clogged window well drains.

A lot of these clues will indication potential foundation problems, which a foundation repair expert can fix.