What is an explainer video?

According to Camargo CF (2000), at an early stage, multimedia literacy enables individuals to build the purpose of the disclosure elements of the new technology, new communication networks and the various systems of symbols. It is not just a process of learning how to understand and create a hyperdocument even if it relates to other literacy (alphabetic, audio-visual and computer) required to process and use the multimedia components of text, sound and image and meaning. According to him, not the process of adding multimedia literacy letters or audio-visual he even combines them to produce an interactivity.
explainer video studio
An explainer video is usually a short video used to explain a new product and it should answer a few questions. Explainer video is also can be used as an intermediate in a presentation or entertainment information to students and the public. It is used by individuals who seek convenience and effective impact on the presentation of their information. The computer is a tool that is the most appropriate for the purpose of producing multimedia content in which a multimedia personal computer itself there are sound effects, display colorful graphics, animation and video.

In the field of education traditional, usually a teacher or lecturer using textbooks, black or white board, chalk white or colored, maps, pictures and voice of its own to teach. However, on this day explainer video system has been adapted to provide additional information in the form of interest to their students and public.

There are facts that have proved that people were using 75 percent based on the ability to remember what they hear, see and do, 40 percent of what they see and hear while 20 percent of what they hear only. Therefore, its interactive multimedia presentation is an important component that should not be ignored because it can support the ability of human memory itself. Given the many multimedia capabilities provide a positive impact on the process of information delivery.